Batwoman Ripped Off the Bat-Bandage, For Better or Worse

Batman is one of those characters whose casting has a tendency to unleash a certain passion in folks. With every casting there’s criticism. Michael Keaton was too funny to play Batman. Christian Bale was too skinny. Ben Affleck was too Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson is apparently too sparkly because over 10 years…Read more...
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This Excellent Frankenstein Poster Looks Totally Frankensteined

Frankenstein’s monster is kind of like a human puzzle. In most iterations of the story, he was crudely pieced together using leftover body parts before being brought back to life. He’s a hodgepodge. More than a little disjointed. And that’s the energy artist Anthony Petrie shocked into his latest poster.Read more...
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What’s the Best Pet Hair Remover?

Co-opulace, I have a problem. My cat sheds. A LOT. Which wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it weren’t nigh impossible to keep him off the couch. After trying next to every dust wipe and pickup mitt under the sun these past four years, it’s suddenly dawned on me, I can’t be the only person bothered enough to wipe,…Read more...
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