VAVA USB-C 8-in-1 and 9-in-1 Hub Review

With most notebooks adopting and centralizing around the USB-C standard, one of the nice trends to hit the market is the explosion of universal USB-C docking solutions. These are great as they don’t require the same vendor tie-in as past docking systems did, although they can still be a bit on the bulky side. Many need large power bricks, since besides adding ports they are also designed to power your notebook and devices as well. For those looking for more travel-friendly designs or perhaps if you need quick access to a port not offered on your notebook, non-powered USB-C hubs offer many of the same benefits at a fraction of the size. In this review we look at two such options from VAVA, who has two hubs, the 8-in-1 and 9-in-1 models, which offer just as many ports as the name implies.